About company

Icorp Ltd. specializes in paint and varnish materials, other components and application technology for woodwork. Our company is a structural subdivision of the ALF International Group holding (http://www.alfint.ru/). In the first place our products are aimed for manufacturers of wooden furniture and doors. We seek to fully meet the demands of our clients. In order to achieve that, we increase the assortment of products we offer. Our products are of a high quality, reliable and technologically advanced due to the company’s technical potential, high qualification of our specialists, well equipped research and testing laboratories of our partners.


Our cooperation implies a joint work with clients in terms of ready-made technological solutions as well as individual solutions to meet the requirements of a certain client.

Our storage program includes a wide selection of high-quality finishing materials and our specialists are always ready to help you choose the most efficient materials and technological solutions for their application.

An essential part of our work is constant contact and technological support of all the clients. That is why we have created a modern storage for fast completion of your orders as well as a technical centre for testing of coatings, preparation of examples of finishing and selection of color spectrum of colorants and enamels.

Our mission

The aim of our work is not to convince you to buy our products, but to help you optimize the technological process, increase productivity, improve the quality of finishing and competitive ability of manufactured products, using our knowledge and experience in this area.

Purchasing components for your manufacture from us, you get not only high-quality materials, but also our experience in the area of meeting the needs of manufacturers!

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